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¿Podrías poner un modo con el idioma español? No entiendo mucho lo que dicen los personajes sería de gran ayuda

AMAZING GAME! Definitely had fun playing it! The ending had me so thrown off 🤣🤣

played at 16:39. Great game! Terrified me, thank god for the locker. Spooky as heck.

check out my video.

Interesting Game! Not gonna lie, that trap scared me xD. Game design.....Top Notch! Oh yeah...those door animations gave me that "Resident Evil 1" vibe. Amazing <3

I really enjoy the style you've got going on here. I had fun getting into the story and exploring the home and all that. It does feel very fast paced for a horror game. I would've loved to have a bit more to do. Either way, it was still fun!

Scary!!!! Extremely well made and loved the style. Thought the door transitions were a bit meh but my bf thought they were really cool so! The sound effects were great and I really enjoyed the mechanics with finding hidden stuff. Wish I knew what was in their bedroom!

I had fun with it...but I was left with questions, lol.


I enjoyed the short game i was confused at what to do but i found out eventually other then that i liked it i played your game last in my video give it a watch if you would like

good small game :) 

The game was great at building the tension as well as a scary atmosphere! at first i really wasnt sure where the game was going at first but then the end really wrapped it all up. definitely would love to see more keep up the great work! 

I liked it!!

A great little game! Built lots of intrigue and dread throughout the whole experience. Really spooky stuff!

Jugué este juego para un video y me encanto, la ambientación y la estética, no tiene excesivos sustos, lo cual agradezco, y la historia es genial, ojala ver un proyecto mas largo de tu parte.

I played this game for a video and I loved it, the setting and the aesthetics, it doesn't have too many jumpscares, which I appreciate, and the story is great, I hope to see a longer project from you.

Credits and much love to you, developer! Thank you for the AWESOME game. I can't wait for the next one. I get to play this in the Philippines!

Interesting setting and I enjoyed the atmosphere! Short and sweet! 😄

I played this game on my 'Quick Scares' series on my YouTube Channel! Its the first game in the video! Check out the Gameplay below 💀

hello father

He's a crazy father

He must have been cursed by the devil

Great storyline and atmosphere was creepy

I really enjoyed myself with this one! there were some missed opportunities for jump scares, but I don't think you meant for there to be a ton anyway. Really great game otherwise!

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Hi very cool game, I also make games, please check it out I'm new to the gaming industry.

The ending is actually quite scary! 

I really enjoyed this game, the storyline and concept was very good. Here's my funny moments while playing this (PLEASE CHECK OUT)

This game is very unsettling in the best way possible, the setting of the whole house sets off chills that something is amiss. My play through with a couple other games, if you'd like to see :)

Comments below clip;

When life is not what it seems, you've got to look over both your shoulders and face whatever you see.

No matter how ugly it is...

Didn't run into any bugs, hiccups or snags. So, well done and kudos to all involved!

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really enjoyed this game, love atmosphere in the game, was wonder is it intentional that u seem to have a face watching in every window? apart from that amazing game heres my gameplay hope you guys enjoy highly recommend

Fun game honestly, good atmosphere and story for horror, hopefully there is more games like this in the future from you/you all!

Un juego interesante con un misterioso final. Me gustó mucho la mecánica de encontrar las llaves y descubrir qué sigue ahora. Recomendado

i dont know why but when i open it it sends me to chrome and downloads another copy of it


Hello! Not sure why this happens, try downloading in edge. You’re supposed to extract the files to any location and run the executable in it,  so this shouldn’t be happening.

i am using edge but i think i clicked something while it was loading so ill check settings and see if something happened ther

passa lá rapaziada um jogo muito daora espero que gostem

Scary little game , i like it , thank you for making it dev, there one thing that i cant cancel paper when i open to read them, i hope you will fix that thank you

interesting little game, pretty creepy.



love the game

that was a cool game it was soooo fun

The games atmospheric in a way, love the resident evil style of opening doors. The scares and the revelation in the end. It's short but sweet with a hint of terror.

Fun stuff! cant wait to see what else you put out!

hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti 😘🙏

Game 3: very cool! Nice work. The ending was quite the twist.

This was really fun! I liked the little twist at the ending, a little sad that I couldn't take the axe though

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