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I sure did learn the truth! Interesting!

The game was alright. It had a nice build-up and the design was sweet.

Very very good! The game made me very nervous throughout. Loved the detail and thought some of the things were clever! I loved it. Very well done 

Here is my video <3

Overall, pretty good game :)

I like it, it startled me a lil bit so it wasn't that scary but it's understandable considering it's a free game and I can't wait to see your other future projects

Good Game

This was so much fun! I loved everything about it! The visuals and sound effects were on point. Good job man, I hope you'll make more games like this in the future.

This is a great little game! Short and to the point with no filler, no fat. This is the kind of stuff that I look for when following developers. I look forward to your future projects! (:

Thanks for making games!


This was so neat! I loved your use of audio cues and game design for the puzzles, small things that really enhanced the experience. And as much as I would hate to live in a house like this, the interior helped with the atmosphere, great job!

One thing: I would exclude the last preview on this itch page, just to keep the tension up for anyone who wants to play this game. 

Love the game. No difficult puzzles, so it's perfect to relax and get immersed into the game!

I got to say, I thought the game was fantastic, super easy to figure out what to do next, too! I would definitely recommend giving this a try! 

Fantastic! ❤️


Man that was good.

That was epic but short 4/5


So he wasnt crazy...bruh this is sad.....

Nice Game

gameplay en español

A plot twist that all gamers will be talking about for years to come... GREAT GAME
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No cheap jumpscares, nice build up. Overall i like the design and the execution (no pun intended).

Creepy, didn't expect that ending

you can also jump and not getting killed by spike

That really escalated quickly, from a few dozen handprints across the room, to find out everything that your dad has done. The game was good, I enjoyed the puzzles, most were simple enough to complete and allowed me to explore the house at a good pace

I think the only point I got confused was working out how to get into the garage. I was not expecting that you would find a way in behind the washing machines. I just kept trying the doors and windows, expecting a different way.

Cool game, can’t wait to see what else you make.

Thank you! 

Hope you stick around for my future projects!

It Was Kind of Scary In Some Of The Part. loved the atmosphere of this game. Its in Hindi. Please subscribe.

I love the look and atmosphere of this game. Keep up the great work! 

This was dope but kept having problems with the notes. 

Smooth gameplay, love reading notes and creepy game. Great game!

This was great. Thanks man. I actually really enjoyed playing it. If you get bored or whatever. and feel like it, maybe even give it a like or comment if you want. Obviously, you don't have to, no pressure P. But I hope you like the video at least! All right see you later

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good stuff!!

Cool game. I enjoyed it! Game here: 

Please subscribe t 
Please subscribe to my YT channel.

Would you be interested in a Spanish translation for this game? If so, feel free to contact me!



At the moment I don't have any plans to include support for other languages in the game, but I'll definitely keep your services in mind for my next project.

Thank you for the offer! 

I very much enjoyed the aesthetics it brought to the game, good choice on the door animations as it made me feel very nostalgic, thank you for making this! 2nd Game.

Thank you for playing the game, Enjoyed the video! 

that was a cute lil game ... dad was defiantly the star of the show :D here is my vid about it i hope you enjoy it :)


Thank you for playing the game, much appreciated!

spoiler warning i guess !!

soooo i liked the start a lot... still not sure about the ending. i think you took a more traditional indie horror game route with this, i would've liked it more if it weren't some wendigo type creature as you often see it compelling the dad to do things, but instead the dad himself just being plain evil and having murdered the kid's mom. but that's just personal preference. i still enjoyed it a lot and thought it was pretty well thought-out and interesting with the hidden way to the garage and the keys hidden around. looking forward to seeing more from you dev! 

Thank you for the feedback! 

I'll def keep this in mind for my next project, I had a more narrative and linear experience in mind for this one but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hope you stick around for my future projects!

Interesting game. My only problem is the game is short. Despite that, very cool. Congrats.

Thank you for playing!

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I love this game GREAT WORK :):):)

Thank you!

I was very conflicted about the game towards the end, yet it did bring amazing story and enjoyable gameplay, while kind of deceiving the subjective expectation, which I got from the start. 

First of all, the sound design - brilliant. The environment was eerie, it felt like a true horror experience and did not have cheap jump scares, which I respect a lot. Story was blend, I was invested in it until the end and the ambiguous ending felt like a disappointment, but, the rest of the showcased content was fantastic.

Now, 2 major things that were a let down for me, based on the information on the game's page. First, the Lovecraft quoting - I though the game would feature the comic horror elements, yet it did not, which made the quote a bit meaningless. I did understand the context of this game being a fear, but still, it was not connected to the cosmic horror, rather more cult following and monster such as SPOILER - Wendigo. 
Second issue came from the screenshots, which showcased hiding mechanic and AI. I did think the game would feature those 2 and unfortunately it didn't in the most traditional way - there was only 1 sequence as an animated scene and there was no real danger from AI. 

All of the criticism aside, the game is decent, enjoyable and unique. I do hope you consider changing some of the aspects of the description for the game, other than that it's perfect.   

Good luck with the future projects. 

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Hey, Niven!

This was my first complete project with a full story, so it did have a few issues in the writing and story department so I'll certainly keep the feedback in mind! 

I'd originally planned quite a few mechanics but abandoned some concepts due to the increasing complexity of the project. I'll def keep this in mind for my next project.

Thank you for the feedback once again, appreciate it!

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