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Short and nice!

Did not expect that twist at all. Good game mate. Short and sweet. Keep making more like these.

I remember when me and my dad had this same talk

Gameplay en español

Nos gusto. Corto y efectivo.

great game! Hoping you'll make more!

I really enjoyed some of the mechanics this game had, although it feels like certain events could've been spaced out more 

What a twist! We enjoyed this one. I felt a strong Silent Hill influence. This was a short, fun indie horror, although I would say that it is not meant to be taken too seriously.

Scarryyyy -_-


I really liked the sound effects, the ambience, the graphics and so on. I still think the story lacked a little coherence, I created my own theory and it made a bit of sense, however, if anyone wants to know the story of the game, they'll have to think a lot


Really liked the visual style of the game and the pacing as you slowly uncover more disturbing sights. A short yet fun game.


The fuck was he thinking??

This game tapped into my worst fear in horror games: hiding from scary things.

really entertaining game! Keep it up! 👌🏻

Well I learned a very valuable lesson on not snooping. 

Great Game, I like it :)

Short,Sound Effects Was Great,Gameplay Was Great.Overall Great.

I made a video to this game and absolutely loved it. GREAT JOB DEVELOPER, KEEP DEVELOPING!!

Immediately recognized it as the style of The Interview.. and might have hoped for a connection? Maybe the end is the summoning of the 'messenger' hehe. One can only hope. Well done again!

Dad Has a Dirty Hobby - Father: The Truth

well that was definitely an experience. A nice little Horror game..

Man this family has a heap of metal lockers in their home.

Loved the story! The murderer's story from the perspective of his child. The sounds and atmosphere were chilling. Looking forward to more like this!
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Pretty neat :D I had fun sassing my psycho dad lol

Daddy chill!

Fun little game :D I personally enjoy the pixelated ones. They have that old Silent Hill-y feel to them

brooo he loosk like the nostalgia critic 

Best Nostalgia Critic GIFs | Gfycat

Nouvelle video sur un jeu d'horreur indé ! 

En espérant que ça vous plaira il est grave cool !

This was fun little horror experience 

Fun and creepy horror game.

I really enjoyed your game, it's just a shame that it was so short I look forward to seeing if you ever release anything else 

This man needs Jesus!

I loved the atmosphere!  Looking forward to more from you!

I played the game with my Mando helmet :D

Loved it! Scared the sh*t out of me!

Had a good time! Good Job

I did not hide but laughed!

A really cool horror game with a nice plot-twist! :D i uploaded a full gameplay come and check it out


minecraft lever sound

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