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Great job!

muito bom!

Cool game! Cool story and smooth gameplay. Congratulations on the work!

Just made a vidya. I thought there might be another ending but no. I still enjoyed it, both the style and the design so awesome stuff :D

sometimes there is a lack of a secret ending with an escape from home, eheh


good game i enjoyed it

Papà y mamà, donde estaran

PAPA CAN YOU HEAR ME, man this dude has got secrets, would love an update that explains how he got here

Thought you should know that this person has stolen your game -

I reported them, you should too. They have been stealing lots of games.

I love this game and I would like to volunteer to translate them into Turkish so that my Turkish friends can play them. How can I contact you?

what was that????

This game, not gonna lie, was a blast! It was so short that I probably finished it before I even had time to get a decent scare. But hey, it made for a hilarious video, so kudos to the devs for creating such a speedy and amusing experience. Keep 'em coming, and keep up the good vibes! 😂🎮👏

Really nice game. I loved the psx style graphics and the simple, yet scary story. It took me a long time to find the garage though but that's just my fault.

Here is my gameplay of it. It starts at 13:17

Nice game

Good Job

Why Father!

Great game with a nice aesthetic. I found the energy panel and the duct to be very well-hidden.

It took me a while to find the energy panel.

really good game i really enjoyed it 

great game i loved it

actually a good horror game (also why is there only entrance to the garage there LMAO)

played this on a 3 scary games, really good, really enjoyed it, keep up the good work! 
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Hey friends! I hope you enjoyed the video as much as I enjoyed the game!

Short and eery, there was a missed moment with the parents room, could have added more of a creepy vibe.

Also, the ending was kind of abrupt. I do wish there was a second ending, where instead of hiding in the locker you run down the hallway, and end up being sacrificed instead of the dad dying XD Give it an extra kick haha

I went down the hallway thinking I didn't have anytime to, but realized.... The dad isn't that scary since he doesn't randomly bust in, he 'waits' until you're safely in the locker, so lost some scare points there XD

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Love the look, love the overall feeling. I feel like there's a missed opportunity with the parent's bedroom to add some cult/demonic elements. The ending feels abrupt! I linked at the time I played.

Great game, it's short but eerie and scary.



This was good! Liked the fact the game didn't hold your hand to find stuff :) (2nd game)

wow quel jeu

This was a great experience! I wasn't expecting such good level design it wasn't so straight forward but that's great! I recommend!


Bom jogo man!

Short and nice!

Did not expect that twist at all. Good game mate. Short and sweet. Keep making more like these.

I remember when me and my dad had this same talk

Gameplay en español

Nos gusto. Corto y efectivo.

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