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Great Job, this game are really grea to play, there a short story telling with twist on the end game. Best Game!!! :)

Excellent game wish it was a little longer to play.


Really good game, maybe a bit more of a scare at the ending, other then that great!

loved the ending

Dude this game was really unnerving. I especially liked the part where you had to hide in the locker when dad came back. The music did NOT help one bit. XD

I like the way you slowly uncover the mystery that is happening in your own home..

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Salve meus gostosos,Sou br (rj) achei a gameplay muito tranquila o game tá bem trabalhado e divertido mano! continua produzindo, vou deixar minha gameplay aqui, puder fortalecer 1 Like eu agradeço, tmj, Amo vcs

Неофициальные русские субтитры, да.. На всякий случай 


Loved how creepy this was. 3rd game 

What a fun game. The video is in my native language. 

This had a nice little build-up and a cool twist! I'm not messing with that demonic stuff though!!! The only thing I would add is more ambience towards the beginning of the game. other than that, this was a cool short horror game! Keep it up my dude! (Game 3)

   - CrazyCheesePuf

Was a pretty interesting game. Definitely was not expecting it to end the way it did. Did a Let's Play of the game:

Short but pretty good. Got stumped when trying to find the garage but tbh that is a pretty clever puzzle. Made a video on it.

full gameplay + ending

very cool concept a lil short but I enjoyed it

Very good game!! It was quick with a little bit of puzzle-ish-ness to it lol 


Hey there! Liked the game- it was pretty chaotic and spooky. I did find a few secrets by accident which made the experience a lot easier, but over all- I really enjoyed your work!! I recorded myself playing- let me know what you think.

nice intro 😂

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also was that Satan?!? (3rd game in the video)

2nd game today. It was good.



Pretty pog game

Hey it's was a good experience!! I liked the game, could have kind of a continuation talking more about the story would be cool anyway it was good to play

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

It's a really decent game and the atmosphere is great. It's also nice the game piecemeal tells you the truth about your in game 'father'. Though I wish we could see him more in the game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Loved it!

this was a fun little game, wish it went a little longer, keep up the great work familia!

not bad. pretty spoopy 

This was based on a true story of my father. 9/10 

Come to my channel and watch my gameplay and subscribe. Great Game!

It was pretty fun! The atmosphere was well made with the handprints as well as the old machines everywhere, though there were some continuity errors, the game was fun to play and pretty well done!

Very cool game loved the theme and design, would love to know a bit more about the monster in the end but well done!

I loved the game, it was a nice, short experience that I enjoyed. An awesome addition you could add, would be to put a key to the parents bedroom, as an alternate ending. If you're curious of my reaction, I uploaded a video on my YouTube channel. 

This games great there's not as much story as i thought there would be but that's not a bad thing its a pretty good little experience that's surprisingly scary for the art style if you want to check out my full playthrough of this here it is

if you checked it out i apreciate you and i hope you have a good day regardless

Really liked this game! :)

I like this game. The ending was sudden, but it had creepy parts. I thought I was going to be chased, had my anxiety going.  Great job though, keep it up! Your game is last and starts at 18:16

That Game Was Scary But Its Was Fun I Really Enjoy It...

This was honestly pretty well done its short but very enjoyable

Hey DEV I enjoyed your game! Love the simplicity. I went ahead and added sound effects / music that fit the theme and to help out with the atmosphere. Here's my let's play if you wanna watch it!

me hubiera gustado que hubieran mas finales, pero no importa, muy buen juego! :D

I couldn't figure out the whole thing, but maybe you can ;)


P e r c h

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