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(Starts @ 3:30) This game was so calm at first but as the questions kept rolling I was freaking out! Great game and can't wait to play more.

Game was really good :D you guys have to try it! 

This game definitely had me wanting more

To the Dev : I'd love to see a sequel or even a full fledged game! Can't quite put my finger on why this was such an enjoyable experience for me but I'm definitely here for more if you decide to continue the story. Earned my follow and will definitely keep an eye on future projects from you. Keep up the great work and hope to see more soon!!!!

Much Love 

Stay Safe and Stay Positive 


This was so neat. I played for the worst ending and I think I got it. I LOVE the design, she looks absolutely gorgeous, I don’t mind her shennanigans if she is looking so powerful. It’s a great idea and beautiful execution. 

Using VoiceMod for this game was so fun. You may not understand what we are saying but we had a fun time doing our stupidest!

Very spooky and fun to play. Love the ending haha. 

Alright, that first jump scare got me pretty good, not gonna lie. Well written game with tasteful jump scare. Short and simple, but worth the play. I would so play a full game with Sister Maria as the antagonist. 

My gameplay starts at 09:42.

The design, visual style, and sound work are top notch. At the end of the playthrough - you feel compelled to play the two tapes again to make sure you didn't concover a key plot point, whach is the beauty of the Interview. Please expand this title and the way its structured will want to stay it its world. A+

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Hi everyone. I really liked the game! I would really appreciate feedback on my playthroughs. If you comment I will watch one of your videos and give feedback as well. Thank you! :)

very interesting and will most definitely be playing more games by them

This was honestly such and awesome concept and I found myself going through the choices a couple more times looking for different endings, but could only find 2. Your game is second in this '3 Random Scary Games'.

3 Random Scary Games #7 

I will be playing this live 5/2 around 7 EST on Twitch =D.

Loved this, super creepy and I always love these types of games!

That was a lot of fun!  Thanks for making this awesome game/experience!

Nice short horror game. Wished we got to know more about their backstory and who this lord and his will actually is!

Very unique game here i loved it, btw how many endings does this game have? i managed 2 but could not find anymore.

love this game very well made that its got 2 endings i was trying to find more but no luck but still love this game so much i hope to see more from you 10/10 from me :) 

very interesting game ! made me think of things which is something I don't usually do...

Btw I'm trying to reach 80 subs so if you guys enjoyed this video it would mean a lot to me that you'd consider subscribing to my channel :)

Made a video

i got 2 endings. i dont know how many endings are there, but the guy killed me both times

Played this on my Channel's Series called 3 SCARY GAMES! It's the 2nd game I played in the video starting at 6:42!

This was a very interesting and unique experience! I was also very surprised how unique the gameplay and visuals felt as well! This wasn't the spookiest experience in the world, but I love the idea of interviewing a demon like creature.

Sister Maria is just a demonic Karen, really loved the experience, great job man, looking forward to more games 

Nice game! 

Full Play No Commentary BOTH Endings

I need to know what happens after! This game was really good, left me with unanswered questions. Don't make her mad! Got both endings


So many unanswered question remain T_T I would have loved to play even longer. Very nice game!

This was such a creepy game. Great work! 

Relly good

Love this game! Think i got the real ending and the secret??

Hey, enjoyed your game, but there's absolutely no pleasing Ms. Maria. She is literally hell-bent on messing with me for the rest of my life and afterlife.


very cool short game keeps you on edge the whole time wondering what the entity will say next! loved it!!

I definitely feel like there isn't a true "good" ending as such but goddamn I loved this so much!!

I really enjoyed this, it was a lot of fun thinking about how this could go! Great job! 

I love stuff like this.  It's more of an experience and less of a game in the usual sense.  Amazing job!

 this was actually a pretty cool game. it was an interesting interview of an other worldly creature! hey I upload 3, pro edited reaction compilations a day so maybe consider subscribing!
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