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Brian Moore, government reporter. You've been tasked to interview a mysterious entity that is currently being detained in Facility 166, Eaglewood. A maximum security prison doubling as a test facility, no one knows what goes on the inside..

"She" calls herself "Sister Maria", records on her show nothing and she isn't the greatest fan of disbelievers.. 

What is her goal? Why is she here? What do she intend to do? 

With 2 endings, your choices affect the outcome of the interrogation. Will you choose to stick to your beliefs but spite her? Or will you play it safe and leave unscathed? 

Find out in retro horror game inspired by the VHS & PS1 Aesthetics of the 90's!


  • WASD - Movement
  • E - Interact
  • + (Plus) - Increase Sensitivity
  • - (Minus) - Decrease Sensitivity 


  • Special thanks to SeraphonDev (itch.io) & (twitter) for help with playtesting and bug fixing! 
  • Check out Bithack for PSX themed assets!
  • Character models by Murad131
  • Check out Magmi.Soundtracks for ambience and sound effects!
  • Music by Eric Matyas, check him out over here!

If you do play the game and stream it on Youtube or any other platform, do let me know! I'd love to see any playthroughs! Your feedback helps me grow and make my games better!

Thank you for playing!

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(55 total ratings)
TagsFPS, Horror


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interesting plot 馃

Deleted post

Totally different experience than when we played The Father.
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I would love a sequel to this game

Very nice game!

I enjoyed it very creepy, I def wanna play more of your games I like your style a lot.

so is it pro or anti religion?

Sister Maria says that those who do not watch the video below shall receive divine punishment.

Jk, watch it if you want. This game has an interesting concept and vibe.

This was super cool! I wasn't sure how gripping clicking through an interview would be, even with a demon, but this was an awesome experience! Very cool graphics with a fun creepy story to uncover. Thank you for your work!

I talked about The Interview in my video this week, if anyone is interested: 


I like the idea, i think the premise is fascinating, but it needs a little more.

More choices that have a bigger impact  


My video, watch if you want, I don't really care either way

This game was interesting. Did get a little startled on some parts lol but I'm not sure if I got the two endings or not. Either way keep up the great work! :D (first game I play in video)

Played this about a week ago and it definitely was creepy. I really enjoyed this game and the interview idea of the game .

I love this game, i think it will need more story, more choice like in the "Good Endling" player can see foreshadowing the "God" she said or the Bad ending she show you the vision then kill you.

i like these type of game

update in futures will make it better definetly

This was really well done. Great dialogue and creepy graphics. Well done!

Honestly the dialogue was pretty cool and creepy. Left me wanting more...

We wrote a KG creativity prompt based on this game. Check it out!



That was really well done ! Game had some really interesting questions where i had to stop and think about what i was gonna say. Good stuff !

I made a playthrough on the game if you're interested :)

I love the fact that this game has several endings!

Good game

Perfectly creepy with a mysterious protagonist and well-timed jumpscares! Well done, Dev!! :D

Interesting take on religious horror ^^ I feel like there was a lot of meaning to this game. KUDOS

I think my comment was deleted lol, here was my gameplay for indonesian people

Creepy stuff... I like it!

SCPs really get more op every time i see one

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3 Scary Games, It Is The 4th (Bonus Game) I Play!!!

Hope You Enjoy!!!

I really enjoyed "The interview", I feel it gave a different vibe and eerie feeling. Talking to the creature made the game interesting because I thought I was applying for a job in jail, but I was wrong LOL. Overall, great game.


Fun and interesting story. Nice job.

This is a fun game.

this was interesting. kinda reminded me of that one i think SCP story about the police rookie and a homeless person who claimed to be a god

A simple but very cool project, great work!

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Game starts at 5:51.

Despite the concept being a simple, choose your answers wisely game with only 2 endings. It ain't bad, I actually enjoyed it!

Fun little game!

Link to my channel: youtube.com/jonathick

I liked it. Interesting story and just the right length for what's going on I bleieve. I like "Sister Maria's" design.

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You're literally just sat down and just preached at the whole time. Nothing interesting happens. Lame experience.

Deleted post
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I like the Storyline and Concept for this game, and there a multiple ending for this game anyway.

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