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This Game Freaking awesome I love how different it is this game is creepy I couldn’t believe he just exploded there heads like that was crazy but the game is great it’s really nice I like it keep up the good work!!! I’m not asking anyone to subscribe but if you do it will be very helpful all I ask is please watch the video and be respectful and please give the video a like and say something nice in the comments that’s all and have a blessed day 😇 👍🏾💯

This game is great I wish it was longer!

I absolutely LOVED this game. Wish it was longer but it great as it was!

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i played this game on 5:59

damn a think this is serious talk Haha.

very cool game

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93/100 VERY GOOD

This was pretty dope.

I recorded this during a school night haha, sorry if it's hard to hear me. But even if the game is simple, it is still pretty well executed at what it's trying to do. Definitely build upon this concept!

Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it, the concept was interesting and I liked both of the endings, good work :)

Big thank you TyroByte for making a fun game. Please if you enjoyed my video of playing your game can you share it out for me? Thank you again for being awesome. 

It was a nice little experience! Keep up the good work!


Worst interview ever. XD

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Like this! hope you will do more :)

Craziest interview!!
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Was pretty well made! Was similar to another game called Rumpelstiltskin, but with it's own unique story which was pretty cool! Would have loved to see more of the interview and explore more of what Sister Maria thinks and asks, but what happens is still thought provoking and I think a pretty cool story and game! Congrats on making it!

fun little experience!! 

Cool Game

Thanks for making this game.  I enjoyed playing through the story.  To me its quite original and I couldn't really pick where it was going to go.  Well done :)


When I open the game it seems that it is corrupted, can anyone help me? 
<img src="">

Hello! I think there is an issue with your PC here as there might be a minimum GPU requirement to run this game.

Can you give me your SPECS?

From the look of the picture, the download must've been corrupted. Try redownloading through another browser/use the app.

My PC is very weak and I don't think it has the requirements to run it because this has already happened with another game and I've also tried to download it through the application, a pity because I was very interested in the game.

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This game is a good example of why you don't always need to be up and moving or have constantly changing environments to have a scary and good quality horror game.

Commnets below clip;

My cat doesn't believe in the 'dog' in the mirror, and to be frankly, neither do I.

There is no judge capable of deciding what truth means to everyone. Perhaps to a selected few, but I'm not one of them.

It doesn't take much for 'peace projecting persons' to turn into true tyrants.

This game delivered truth without a punch, but nevertheless exposed power for what it really is; the prolonged and protracted pursuit of personal potential.

Well done and kudos to all involved.

Interesting experience! I still want to know more about what's with the eyeball :)

Never thought i'd get to "Interrogate" a non-human about what they are planning to do and "live" to tell the tale. Enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you for making this! 2nd game.

Neat game, nice work. You have a nice unnerving atmosphere, a good length of game and left me wanting to sort of see what happens "next".
I also loved that you let us skip to the actual story choices, and gave us the opportunity to skip the intro just to make it easier. That's something more short indie games need, so kudos to you.
If I had one thing I'd like to see changed, maybe a little more clarity as to which options lead to what outcome? I was able to solve it pretty easily but the answers were fairly ambiguous, I can see someone with less english clarity having a bit of trouble.
Still, great job and keep making games, I enjoyed the heck outta this!

Hi i have a stream of your game in my channel on Twitch > honguitoverde88. Hope u like it <3


Enjoyed it, nice work! Got both endings

Really great game, feels like a fresh concept

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really enjoyed this, completely unique and different from a lot of other horrors, would of liked there to be a good ending, gameplay below if you enjoy be sure to hit the sub button 

Interesting game. The Endings were creepy. Congrats.

Very amazing game My Guy.

This was pretty good, got all the endings. Made a video on it.

That was hilarious, I had to play through the game twice, see if I could seek redemption and survive. But nah, attempting to humble myself denied me judgement by god, tells you the Sister does not like grovelling. 

I wonder what way the road ending leads to, it feels like I may have a small chance of survival, unless the sister specifically came back to watch my head explode.

Another great game, and was a lot of fun.

This was pretty great. I thought the entity we interviewed was really creative. The plot was unique. I'd love to see some sort of sequel to this.

This one is pretty good. Pray tonight! Game here:

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Creepy one 

oh dang this was a nice game ! i enjoyed your other game but this one was more mysterious :D hope you enjoy the vid and dont mind me checking the prisoners :D

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nice jobs

wow this game is incredible thank you i love it :):):):) cant wait for more :):):):) 

Thank you!

Phenomenal, shocking and wildly disturbing! 

You perfected yourself with this game even more. As, my opinion about your previous game was a bit unpopular, this game just made my speechless. 

I am so anxious to give you the playthrough comment right now and yet, I wanted to write the review here as quickly as possible, because this game has a serious shock value! Serious! One that even I did not expect, considering my more than average experience in horror and game development. 

Superlative story, unique set design. The monster did reminded me of the one in the previous game and only now I see the connection between these 2 games, but that would be up to the rest to find out. 

Flawless game! Fantastic job!  

Thank you for the kind words Niven, it’s my pleasure!

Enjoy the gameplay:

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